Selected House Projects

Hausweaver™ is a young venture. As a new and emerging studio, we don't have a long list of completed projects to point to. Most of the houses John Clark and Marcus Baumgart have designed and delivered over the last 20 + years properly belong to past studios where they were then employed, and for copyright reasons they can't be shown here.

What Hausweaver™ does have is a healthy list of current projects that illustrate some of our design ideas and techniques. The list of current & past Hausweaver™ Houses:

  • Fish Creek/Waratah North Country House, New construction (2018-2019, $1.5 million, in documentation)

  • Priest House, 1865 House Renovation, East Melbourne, VIC (2016-17, $1 million+ renovation - construction commenced)

  • Gothic House renovation, Hawthorn (2017 - concept stage only of major renovation)

  • Red Hill House Renovation, ACT (2016-17 - modest renovation - construction completed)

  • Da Costa 'Zinc' House, Lilydale, VIC (2015-16, $1 million+ - construction commenced) 

  • Fitzwilliam Street House, Kew (2016, $300,000 - modest renovation - construction advanced)

  • Junkeer House, Fletcher Street, Hawthorn, VIC (2016-17, $750,000 new house - Planning Approvals Stage)

  • Family House, Balwyn, VIC (2017 - $1 million+ new house - new commission in progress)

  • Collingwood Courtyard House, Collingwood VIC (2016-17, $500,000 renovation - design commenced)

  • Central Goldfields House, Victoria (2016 - $400,000, renovation - project did not proceed)

  • 20th Century Art Collection House, Fitzroy, VIC ($500,000 - completed late 2oth Century)

  • Barry's Reef House, Victoria (Concept schematics only)

  • Port Phillip Bay View House (Concept schematics only)

Junkeer House, Hawthorn Victoria

This current project seeks to replace an existing 'shotgun' weatherboard terrace, which is in poor condition, with a contemporary dwelling shaped to trap sunlight and engage with the rear yard. This view of the rear facade shows the interaction of timber battens and a glazed wall, opening out from a double-height void. This project is in for planning approval.

Port Phillip Bay View Apartment, Geelong Victoria

Simple ideas can carry surprising visual power. This image, a hand-cut collage, was developed to explore the profoundly simple design concept involving the interaction of sunlight, a horizon-wide water view, and a subtly-shaped room. The unique qualities that can be attained with hand-prepared techniques still have much to teach us. [Below is an inspiring shot of our favourite house, the iconic Casa Malaparte on the Isle of Capri, off the Amalfi Coast in Italy.]

Central Goldfields House, Maryborough Victoria

This recent project, which did not proceed, sought to augment an existing miner's cottage in the Central Goldfields with an iconic, house-like form reminiscent of a child's drawing of 'home'. The north-facing double-height form would have drawn sunlight deep into the dwelling.

Red Hill House Renovation, ACT

Canberra has a unique and crisp quality of natural light, and distinctive seasonal variation. We are interested in an architecture designed to respond to these qualities of light and climate, and in a place with such icy winters, northern sunlight is essential to 'trap' and draw deep into the dwelling. This earlier sketch for the Red Hill House shows a new pavilion to the south of the existing main house, with a highlight roof and double-glazed clerestorey window, which would allow sunlight directly into the new living space. Construction has commenced.

House Sketch Study, Barry's Reef Victoria

This hand sketch is one of a series exploring the design of a new house for a 5.5 acre site in Barry's Reef, Central Victoria. A range of alternative materials were explored for this project, including straw bale construction, and mud brick.






Priest House, East Melbourne, Victoria

The Priest House was built in 1865, and as such it is among the earliest houses in East Melbourne. The new occupant is the niece of the previous owner; her aunt had a colourful life, and much of that life was lived in this little house in East Melbourne. Our design response, which has received heritage and planning approval, adds additional floor space and a long gallery/library room, opening up a previously poky interior, and filling it with light. Construction has commenced.