About the Designers


About the designers...

Hausweaver™ houses are designed by the duo John A. Clark and Marcus Baumgart.

John and Marcus have been working together for 20 years, and in this time have created new homes for many people. Since creating Baumgart Clark Architects, they saw a need for a different kind of design studio, one that seeks to provide clients with information as well as design services.

When you engage Hausweaver™, you work directly with Marcus and John. Together we create custom-designed solutions for your requirements, no matter how modest.

Industry Research

Over the course of a freelance journalism career, Marcus has interviewed scores of Australia's leading residential architects, visiting houses across Australia and assembling a formidable body of research built up over 15 years of interviews. This insight directly enriches the work of Hausweaver™.  You can see some of Marcus's research by clicking the following link.