How we begin


How we begin.

Chemistry between design team and client is essential. We seek to begin our projects on a solid foundation of trust. The way we begin is simple:

The Interview

Firstly, we meet with you, to introduce ourselves and discuss your project - including everything that you hope to achieve with the design. This meeting is no-obligation, and no-charge. John and Marcus have current projects all over Australia, so we are very happy to come to you, no matter where you are.


If you choose to proceed with us, we will then take a journey which usually contains the following steps.


Every project is unique. We are very happy to tailor the process described above to the specifics of your project prior to commencement. For example, with a smaller and simpler renovation, some stages may be collapsed into each other. Also, not every project will require statutory design approvals. We will work this out together when we get started, and advise you of the best and most economical approach.