Brief & Concept Design


Brief & Concept Design Stage

During this stage, we will get to know the site and the existing conditions, and if the project is a renovation then we will prepare the existing conditions drawings. Also completed during this step are:

  • The first draft of the Brief - a document that lists all your needs, containing both quantitative information (eg. the number of bedrooms, size of rooms, etc.) and the qualitative information (eg. inspirational images, information about what the rooms should feel like.)
  • The initial Concept design - this will consist of drawings and images that describe a first reaction to the project. We will prepare this in response to the draft Brief.
  • We will present the Concept to you. Once we have refined the Concept based on your reaction and review, we will organise to have a preliminary Cost Plan completed by the Quantity Surveyor, an additional subconsultant who specialises in estimating and cost management.