Because everyone needs a place to call home.


The name 'Hausweaver' hints at our process for making a home. It is a collective journey between client and designer: together, we weave the threads that combine to make the fabric of a home. Like weaving itself, the process is part science and part art, with a dash of creative chemistry.

Hausweaver™ is the residential brand of Baumgart Clark Architects, launched fresh for 2017. Its founding partners John A. Clark and Marcus Baumgart have been working in residential architecture for a combined 40+ years of hands-on experience.

About the Designers

John has designed and delivered numerous residential projects, not just individual houses but also apartments and housing developments, designing both architecture and interiors. John's own house in Kew is a recent (ongoing!) project. Since entering practice more than 27 years ago, John has steadily built up a list of clients who trust his ability to solve complex problems, and make projects happen. John is an expert in the dual challenges of design and 'constructability', the latter of which is the challenge of making practical and money-saving construction decisions.

Marcus designed and built his first house for two friends while still a student, in 1998. This was the Art Collection House, so named because of the museum-quality collection of 20th Century art and furniture housed within. (The gallery-owning client was the first person to bring Andy Warhol's work to Australia, among other distinctions.) Since graduation in 1998, Marcus has taught house design in the architecture department of RMIT University, where he has worked with a generation of students, guiding them to explore questions of domesticity and architecture.

Over the last 15 years Marcus has also interviewed scores of Australia's best Residential Architects, writing about their projects in publications such as Houses Magazine, Monument and Artichoke, the Journal of the Design Institute of Australia. The insight he has gained has been invaluable in formulating the Hausweaver™ design principles and philosophy.

In their general architectural practice, John and Marcus focus on socially-engaged clients, especially not-for-profits tackling the issue of homelessness. Because everyone needs a place to call home.